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He's With Gwen, Bitch!

For Better or Worse

Gwen Fans
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This is community for Liza Huber (Gwen on Passions) fans..it seems on other Passions fan sites when I vent about Theresa, I get 1000 people attacking me with this 10 page essay on why Ethan should be with Theresa...so I thought I'd create a place for us few Gwen fans to stay updated on the show and especially what's going on in the Ethan/Gwen/Theresa love triangle.
I only have a few rules...
1- Be repectful. No name calling or insulting of any type...and remember...it IS just a TV show, not your grandmother.
2- If you are a Theresa fan, you can join, but please keep your comments to yourself. This is a place that was created for GWEN fans...there are PLENTY of other communites where you can talk Theresa.
3- Please put all spoilers behind a cut, for people who want to stay surprised.

Theresa Is Not Love- She's Freaking Obnoxious.
by i_love_brody_19

**** www.lizahuber.com ****

Quick Facts On Liza Huber---

**born on Long Island February 22nd (pisces)
**speaks German and Italian
**loves to travel
**has a brother named Andreas
**was Miss Golden Globe 2000
**has appeared on the Today show, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, Donny and Marie, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, SoapChat with Lisa Rinna, Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood
**was a presenter at the 2000 Daytime Emmy Awards
**featured in TV Guide, US Magazine, People and numerous other magazines
**loves cheeseburgers, French fries, ice cream and anything chocolate
**her good friend Brett is the lead singer of the band Acquiesce - you can check them out at www.acquiesce-band.com
**she loves music and going to concerts especially, Lenny Kravitz, Puddle of Mudd, Andrea Bocelli, Mary J. Blige and Dido
**her favorite time of year is Christmas in New York with her family
**she has a golden retriever named Charlie
**Vermont is one of her favorite places
**has been skiing her entire life and loves being in the mountains
**is an accomplished, competitive equestrian
**she is signed with FORD Models
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GWEN Facts

Actor History:
Liza Huber (5 July 1999 to 8 November 2000)
Natalie Zea (15 November 2000 to 3 October 2002)
Liza Huber (16 October 2002 to present)

First Scenes
Liza Huber (1999): Making love with Ethan Crane (now Winthrop) at Dune Point.
Liza Huber (2002): Walking into Crane Industries, asking Sheridan about a freak accident.

Last Scenes
Natalie Zea: Heading to a business meeting after taking her watch to the jeweler's to be repaired.

First Lines
Liza Huber (2002): Sheridan, what is going on? I heard something about a freak accident on my radio.

Last Lines
Natalie Zea: If Ethan asks me to marry him again, I won't hesitate for a second. There is no way I am going to let Theresa take him away from me again. No way.

Choate Rosemary Hall Boarding School
Rutland Women's College (member of the Alpha Alpha Alpha sorority)

Stay-at-Home Wife/Mother
Chairwoman of the Ladies Club

Resides At
Crane Mansion

Marital Status
Married (Ethan Winthrop)

Past Marriages

Jonathan Hotchkiss (father)
Rebecca Hotchkiss (mother)
Gwen is an only child

Children Sarah Winthrop (stillborn; 2003) Ethan Winthrop Jr. (2002; adopted in 2004)

Flings & Affairs
None (Ethan is the only man we know she has ever been with)

Crimes Committed
Lit a fire on Dune Point.
Trashed the Lopez-Fitzgerald home.
Told the tabloids that Theresa sent Ivy's letter to them.
Assisted her mother in taking Little Ethan from Theresa for revenge against Sarah's death.

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