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Monday, April 18
Martin and Pilar enjoy an evening together. Theresa lashes out (what else is new?) at Katherine . Eve tries to change Whitney's mind about her baby.

Tuesday, April 19
Whitney tells Fox she gave up the baby! Pilar finds Katherine in Martin's arms. Sheridan, Luis and Beth await the DNA test results on Marty.

Wednesday, April 20
Fox seeks answers from Whitney. Pilar slaps Katherine! Mrs. Wallace tries to make a get-away.

Thursday, April 21
Marty's DNA tests are revealed. Fox demands his son back from the adoption agency. Theresa presses charges against Gwen, despite Ethan's wishes. ****

Friday, April 22
Theresa is devastated by Ethan's words. Gwen is taken into police custody. Fox learns that the baby has already been adopted!

VCR Alerts

Monday, April 25
Pilar makes a deal with Alistair!

Wednesday, April 27
Sam learns Ivy has been keeping secrets about Jessica.

**** My rant about this: What the hell? Can she ever just keep her fuckin word??? Seriously. She wants Ethan to be with her but time and time again she tells him she'll do one thing and then goes behind his back and does another. Does she even care about how HE might feel about his wife being taken from him? Nope. All she cares about is Theresa, and getting what Theresa wants. And she knows full well that Gwen was not in her right mind when she commited those crimes (unlike her, who has always known full well what she was doing), thanks to her. Well, since she couldn't keep her word then hopefully Jane /Ashley will be given to Gwen and Ethan.

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