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04:09pm 29/11/2005
mood: nervous
god, Theresa drives me nuts.
Hello, bitch! You chose to marry the asshole! Now you're going to cry and complain when you were the one who took the vows.

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hair :-) 
10:47pm 21/10/2005
mood: blank
I think Gwen's hair looks so gorgeous pulled back, with the little pouf in the front :-)

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10 Gwen avatars 
06:42pm 11/10/2005
  Hey, here's wanting my first post to be worth something. These are avatars I made a little while back but still really like.

X-Posted at Enchanting Moments:


1. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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07:57pm 07/10/2005
mood: distressed
Ok, Theresa married her son's grandfather. Anyone else see the nastiness here???

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02:07pm 05/09/2005
mood: amused

thought you guys would enjoy this:


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07:25pm 02/09/2005
mood: cranky
Theresa goes and makes a treaty to Alistair, who killed her brother, took away her father, and has done nothing but cause her entire family heartache. Typical Theresa, thinking only of herself. But we all know the lengths she'll go to to get her way, seeing as she made a pact with the devil himself.
I really cannot stomach that woman.

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03:04am 30/05/2005
  I have just started watching PASSIONS and I love Gwen! shes so awesome! I hate that winey bitch..whats her name? Teresa or soemthing!? I dont know but I thought how she was shaking "jane" was FUNNYYYY she almost killed the poor kid!!

oh yeah and Lisa Huber is awesome, I would KILL to be Erica Kanes daughter!

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Recap-- *Theresa Calls the Cops on Gwen* 
04:18pm 19/04/2005
mood: blah
Whitney tells Fox she gave up the baby. She slips and tells him that he is not the baby's father. Pilar finds Katherine in Martin's arms after he tells her he's going to pick up coffee. While she's gone, the wonderful Theresa calls the cops and tells them she wants Gwen put in jail for attempted murder and kidnapping.
Sheridan, Luis and Beth await the DNA test results on Marty, and beth flips out on Sheridan, telling her to shut up. Sheridan asks her why she is nervous about the DNA results. Sheridan's friend tells her the DNA results are ready.

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Today's Recap 
08:17pm 18/04/2005
mood: calm
TC and Liz visit Whitney's baby at the hospital, where they have another altercation with Eve and Julian. Later, Eve comes up with an idea to convince Whitney to keep her son.
As Fox anticipates getting back to Harmony to see "his" newborn son, Ethan and Theresa worry about finding a way to tell him that Whitney put the baby up for adoption. When Theresa sees Katherine is also on the Harmony-bound jet, she calls her a slut (ha! The slut of all sluts) and accuses her of trying to break up her family again.

Sheridan decides to call an old school pal, Dottie, to get the DNA test run right away. At the Wallace house, Mrs. Wallace and Beth hurriedly pack their things so they can take off with Marty before the test results come back. The women are just about to make their escape when Luis and Sheridan show up at the door.

You know what cracks me up? Theresa over here telling Kaherine that she's a slut because she took her father away, when she has chased Ethan from day one, even after he was married. A lot of Theresa fans are all like, "Well....Martin had kids so it was different." Well, when Gwen was pregnant with Sarah, Theresa didn't seem to have a problem with making out with Ethan on a beach. Oh not that was different. That was fate.

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Something cute.... 
07:21pm 16/04/2005
mood: creative

Why Theresa Fans Don't like Gwen...Collapse )


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07:05pm 16/04/2005
mood: creative

I found some pictures I thought you'd all like, including some really old ass Passions pics. Enjoy! :-)


picturesCollapse )


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06:47pm 16/04/2005
mood: artistic

**Spoilers for next week**Collapse )


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Hi everyone! 
09:25pm 15/04/2005
mood: creative
Well, I'm Michelle and I just started this community for fans of Gwen on Passions...it seems not many people want Ethan to stay with his wife, and I wanted to see if there's anyone else out there...so post away:-)

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