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The Reason Why Gwen Haters Hate Gwen
(Be Prepared to Laugh A Lot)

by Juliette

I present to you all, a list of reasons why Theresa and Ethan fans think "Gwen stinks!" I kid you not, I found this on an actual webpage, and did not edit it all. If I was more vindictive, I would make a list titled "Ways to Tell Most Ethan and Theresa Fans Are Under the Age of Twelve", but alas, I think you're all bright enough to figure them out based on the following list.

Ten Reasons Why Gwen Stinks
She won't admit that Ethan loves Theresa!!
She is a slut!!
She lied to Ethan about the tabliod!!
She pouts
She crys to her mom because Ethan didn't break up with Theresa!!
She is a spoiled brat!!
She doesn't know how to act!!
She is happy Theresa is pregnant!!
She makes Passions a bad show!!
Basically, she is ULTIMATE the Bitch of Passions!!!!!!!

Now, since I'm thoroughly amused by this and have a little spare time on my hands, I'm going to make fun of... whoops, I mean go over each particular reason and point out just how obsessed with worshipping Theresa these people seem to be.

Number One: She won't admit that Ethan loves Theresa!!
Theresa couldn't admit that Ethan loved Gwen, and instead chose to manipulate and lie to steal Gwen's fianceé away from her while she pretended to be Gwen's friend. Now, most Gwen fans would like Gwen to admit that Ethan loves Theresa for no other reason than we want her away from Dumb and Dumber, but still, what's good for the goose can't be bad for the gander.

Number Two: She is a slut!!
Excuse me while I laugh at how utterly ridiculous this statement is. *Laughs hysterically for a good minute and a half* Okay, now that that's out of the way, let's see if I can control my giggles long enough to respond to this.

Gwen is a slut. Yep, she *gasp* slept with only Ethan! How horribly slutty! And, she didn't sleep with anyone but Ethan since the idiot broke up with her on the night before her wedding until she slept with *gasp* Ethan again the night Theresa died. Yep, Gwen is such a whore we can't quite count all the men she's been with.

Theresa, on the other hand, slept with Ethan the night before they were supposed to be married DESPITE promising her mother she wouldn't have pre-marital sex. Then, when Ethan dumped her sorry ass because she lied to him, she went down to Bermuda planning to do whatever it took to get Julian to reinstate Ethan as his heir. So she got blind sloppy drunk with a man whose reputation for womanizing was legendary, the slept with him, and she's still the paradigm of light and virtue, right?

Number Three: She lied to Ethan about the tabliod!!
Oh, this just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? I'm not even going to bother to point out the obvious spelling error, either. Gwen lied to Ethan about the tabloid, huh? And Theresa didn't have any idea that Ethan was Sam's son before it came out. Poor, innocent Theresa didn't scan any personal letters of Ivy's into her laptop computer planning to use them as revenge when she thought Ethan chose Gwen over her... oh, wait.

Number Four: She pouts
Are we still talking about Gwen here? Pouting and sobbing hopelessy seem to be the only things Theresa does besides obsess over Ethan and how she can get/keep him. But it's okay if Theresa pouts because she's in "love" with Ethan. *Rolls eyes*

Number Five: She crys to her mom because Ethan didn't break up with Theresa!!
First, have these people graduated grade school yet, because all these spelling and grammar errors are starting to get really irritating. Secondly, do the words, "But mama, Ethan loves ME!" ring a bell? All Theresa did the first six months of the show was cry to Pilar about how unfair it was the Ethan was with Gwen when it was "fate" he should be with her.

But Gwen's a selfish bitch for crying over her boyfriend of ten years leaving her for her maid of honor. Bad Gwen!

Number Six: She is a spoiled brat!!
Do I really need to go through all of these? I think most of you have gotten my point by now. But, I'll keep going anyway because this is really worth the laughs. Gwen is a spoiled brat? Um, what about Theresa "The World Revolves Around Me and My Twisted-Ass Version of Fate" Lopez-Fitzgerald?

All Theresa does is whine and complain about how horrible her life is. Yep, growing up with a mother and brother who work full-time and still manage to put every effort into making sure you get what you want is real rough, huh? Not to mention Theresa graduated high school and didn't bother looking for a job, instead choosing to sit around on her lazy ass and spend the paychecks her mother and brother worked so hard for.

Number Seven: She doesn't know how to act!!
I'm going to give these little girls the benefit of the doubt and assume that they aren't bashing Liza Huber or Natalie Zea. And since I'm not going to sink to their level and bash Lindsay Korman, I'm going to assume they mean that GWEN doesn't know how to act.

Theresa chased after an engaged man. Theresa then wanted to go with said engaged man to break off his engagement so that she could gloat in his fianceé's face about her lack of morals and her affair with the aforementioned engaged man.

Theresa never acts properly at any sort of public outing. She even spent Sheridan's funeral worrying that Luis wouldn't accept her and Ethan's relationship now that Sheridan was dead, rather than try to comfort her brother over his loss. Theresa has to make everything about herself somehow.

Number Eight: She is happy Theresa is pregnant!!
Shouldn't Theresa be happy that Theresa is pregnant? I mean, a baby is supposed to be a joyous occasion and all that. Except Theresa would rather fling herself off the docks without caring one bit about her unborn child because, of course, if Ethan found out, he wouldn't love her anymore. *Rolls eyes*

So what if Gwen is happy about Theresa being pregnant? Theresa was happy she broke up Gwen's ten year relationship to a man she loved, but these people don't seem to think there's anything wrong with that.

Number Nine: She makes Passions a bad show!!
Yes, Theresa does make Passions a bad show. We're not arguing that one. Oh, sorry, they probably meant GWEN makes Passions a bad show, huh? Well, I don't see how since Gwen is only on screen in the five minutes of the show not dedicated to Theresa. Or, of course, when she has to have a scene arguing with Theresa, but those are all about poor Theresa, aren't they?

Number Ten: Basically, she is ULTIMATE the Bitch of Passions!!!!!!!
Okay, I just have to point this out. Using more exclamation marks does NOT put more emphasis on your sentence! One is enough! Now, we agree that Theresa is the ultimate bitch of Passions. It's just too bad they try to portray her as the heroine, anyway.

Does anyone else feel that the majority of Gwen haters seem to be under the age of thirteen (no offense to any thirteen-year-olds) and completely obsessed with worshipping Theresa? Ooh, but wait, I just find another five reason list! I'll leave you with it, since I think to explain the hypocrisy further would be a bit redundant.

1. She ruined Ethans life!!
2. She's ugly
3. She hates Theresa
4. Her mom is a slut
5. SHE IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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